Montgomery County Spay Neuter Project

Picture Montgomery County Spay Neuter ProjectWe are long-time animal lovers and volunteers at our local county animal shelter who have fostered, adopted, cared for and cleaned up hundreds of shelter animals. But no matter how many animals we can save on Tuesday, the shelter is full again on Wednesday, and every day after that. We finally realized that our homes and our hearts would never be large enough to make a significant dent in the companion animal overpopulation in Montgomery County, Texas. There had to be a better way to save more lives… so Montgomery County Spay Neuter Project (MCSNP) was created.

MCSNP’s mission is to educate our community about the deadly consequence of pet overpopulation as well as offer affordable spay neuter solutions. Our work has just begun and it is a big job. We hope you’ll join us as we spay and neuter our way across the county. Check back often as we will be adding new low cost spay neuter programs and opportunities.

Why Spay and Neuter?

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